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Anonymous asked: "Are there any more chapters of Gotta Live it Big Time? Sorry I just love the story and your imagines lol"

im sorry ive been on a massive hiatus but in the future more stuff will be posted, im glad you still like the blog and my stuff though!


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Anonymous asked: "Well not sure how far back I need to go to get u up to date but heres whats goin on.. James has been on dancing w/ the stars for bout 6wks, Kendall has been doing radio interviews and promoting as well as doing gigs all over w/ Dustin as "Heffron Drive". Carlos has been hosting some show & Logan... well nobody knows what Logan has been up to. Other than that... Carlos got married to Alexa Vega and James might be dating Peta (his dancing w/ the stars partner)."

wait what happened to jalston


im so far behind

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Anonymous asked: "Just found your tumblr randomly. But I have to say, I am soooo glad I did :) you are an amazing writer! Do you have an Instagram? Please follow me, if you want. Mine is @ImaginingBigTimeRush I write imagines and fanfics too, if you like reading them :)"

Thankyou so much, it means a lot :)
Yes I do have Instagram, it’s @btab_ and if you follow me I’ll most likely follow you back :) I’ll definitely check you out xoxo

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Well this is awkard



Well this is awkard

Bringing this baxk



no one gives fanfic writers enough credit like can we just slow clap it out for all the writers who can manage to finish a fic or just even start one and have the confidence to put it out there for everyone to see because that shit is pretty hard to do and so is typing it all up and just thinking of the plot and all the little details idk writers are great


Anonymous asked: "Hi Brianna, if Kendall ask you to have sex with what would you say would it be a good luck sex or a good job sex I Met BTR it was cool."

omg i couldnt even pick.

good luck sex could be a really hot, heated quickie in a hotel room before he was set to leave for soundcheck, it would be hard and fast up against a wall or in the shower, but intense and passionate, and you’d whisper sweet nothings into his ear as he pounded into you and moaned your name before as he came, and then on stage he’d have this smug grin on his face the whole time because he’d know he just fucked you senseless but no-one else would know…

but good-job sex could be romantic and playful, and you could have him at your leisure, spend all your time making him feel good. He’d spend his whole time on stage knowing it was coming, maybe even getting a little excited as he sang on stage, and as soon as he’d come off he’d take you back to the hotel, you’d lay him down and slowly undress him and make him feel amazing, and after that just collapse onto his hot, sweaty body and cuddle naked with him for as long as you’d like.

do u see my problem?

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Track Title: Beautiful Christmas

Artist: Big Time Rush

Album: Holiday Bundle

I think this appropriate

Anonymous asked: "Would you prefer Kendall to fuck you backstage before the concert as a 'good luck sex' or after the concert when he's all sweaty and hot as a 'good job sex'?"

h oly shit oh my god
Imagine fucking him before a show and then watching him onstage and being the only one knowing that he just fucked your brains out
But imagine after the show after he’s had to bottle up all his sexual frustration for like 3 hours
I’ll take ‘good show’ sex pls omg

Hey let’s place sexual questions in my ask box because it’s that kind of night :) anon or not

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Anonymous asked: "Kendall is the bad boy and you're the good girl in school :D"

It’s silent in the library, and you liked it that way. You enjoyed the sound of nothing at all, it gave you more time to concentrate and focus on your work.
Suddenly, there’s a boy standing in front of you.
“Hey pretty baby” they smirk.
Kendall Schmidt was the School bad boy- on the basketball team, partied every weekend and would continuously come to school drunk or hungover, but also your lab partner. You? Library, School, Work, Bed, Library, School, Work, Bed. A never ending cycle of nothingness- the good girl at school.
He makes his way behind you. It’s 7.30am and you’ve come to the library earlier than usual to study for your history test, not expecting anyone else to be here. “Why are you here so early?”
Your heart beats at a hundred miles a second, “I…I could ask you the same thing”
He laughs at you and places a hand on your shoulder. “This good girl thing has got to be a cover up. I bet you’re a freak in the bed” he says, not holding back as your cheeks flush red. He makes his way down and sits across from you. “Have you ever had sex before?”
You shake your head. He laughs at you again.
“Would you like to?” You shake your head again. “Are you scared?” You nod gently. He moved his head to the left and then to the right. “There’s no one around and I’m sure we can be quiet”
He puts his hand out for you to grab, and shakily you stand up and walk around the table to Kendall. “Sit on my lap” he whispers. He lifts up your skirt enough for you straddle him. His fingers gently move there way up and lightly brush against your core and you shiver, your nerves on fire.
Kendall undoes his belt and pulls out his erection.
“I’ll make this good girl go bad” he whispers as he kisses your neck. He pulls your panties to the side and gently eases into you. You go to gasp at the intrusion but Kendall pulls you close into his neck and you breathe heavily. After a few minutes the pain is gone and he’s gently thrusting into you.
“I’m close, are you close?” He whispers. You can do nothing but nod. Your breathing is so quick you can barely speak. You cum first, squeezing the nape of Kendall’s neck as you orgasm. Kendall cums quickly after you, panting into your neck.
“Let’s get you cleaned up in time for your history test” he smirks.
You wince as he pulls out of you, but at the same time you feel amazing.
“I’ve gotta start coming to the library more often” he smirks

Put the name of a btr boy and a scenario and I’ll write a short, smutty imagine as the answer :) (also these take time so bear with me)

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Anonymous asked: "Kendall is your professor and you're the student"

"Miss (y/n) can I speak to you for a moment please?" Your professor Mr.Schmidt asks as your classmates leave the room. "Close the door"
You tentatively close the door and wonder over to the desk.
“Yes Mr.Schmidt?” You ask.
He pulls his glasses down to his nose “It’s about your grades” he says, “These grades won’t get you into college”
You take a seat on the edge of his desk, opening your legs a little bit so your skirt goes that little shorter.
“Is there anything I can do for extra credit?” You ask, biting your lip.
He takes his glass off and sets them on the table. “How much extra credit are you willing to take?”
You giggle lightly and sit on his lap, his erection pressing against your leg. “As much as I need”
He pushes back on his chair and grabs your hips, pulling you to your feet before unbuckling his belt, his erection springing out of his pants.
“Today, we’ll see if we can get your oral grades up, you know what to do” he smirks.
You drop to your knees and kiss his appendage before taking it in your mouth. Sucking up and down and pumping your hand. You look up as you suck and you see him coming apart above you.
“I’m so close, so fucking close, faster” he breathes as he grips the side of his chair. Your mouth and hands move faster and with one hard suck he cums in your mouth, swallowing it all, you stand up, staring at your beautiful professor.
“You get an a+ for Oral Skills, tomorrow we’ll test how fit you are”

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Logan feels are spiralling out of control
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You’ve been crushing on your roommate Kendall for almost a year now. He was gorgeous, dirty blonde hair, beautiful green eyes with stunning flecks of gold; it was almost too much to bear. Not to mention how caring he was. But unfortunately, he’d been in a rather long term relationship with a skinny, bottle blonde named Cassidy. The word ‘hate’ just began to scratch the surface of just how much you disliked her. One night you got home from a horrid first date, and walked in to see Kendall in a ball on the couch. He was alone, and in tears. You came to his side quickly, eager to see what happened to him to get him so upset. “What’s wrong sweetie?” You asked wrapping an arm around him. “She’s been cheating on me.” He replied. His eyes were puffy and you could tell he was holding back tears. You let him rest his head on your shoulder, and you stroked his hair soothingly. “You’ve always been too good for her.” You answered honestly. He chuckled. “I’m not too good for anybody.” He responded modestly. You released him and stared at him. “Don’t you ever say that. You are a wonderful man, and you deserve someone that knows just how perfect you are.” You couldn’t stop yourself from telling him what you knew would just complicate things. “I’m sorry, I-“ He cut you off, putting your lips on his. He caressed your cheek, his fingers running through your hair. He pulled you into his lap, his hands moving his way to your back, making you smile against his lips. Finally you pulled away for air. “I’ve wanted to be with you for so long.” You said resting your head on his shoulder and craning your neck to look him in the eyes. “You’re so amazing. I just never thought you’d feel the same.” You shook your head in disbelief. “Shut up and kiss me.” You said making him laugh and put his smirking lips back on to yours.

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