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1 year anniversary (James)

*Mature Content, don’t like, don’t read.

“Holy shit James, just leave” you yell.

“No. I’m not going anywhere until we’ve sorted this shit out!” he yells back

“Ok, so first you accuse me of cheating with Kendall, and now you want to sort this shit out? James, its 8am, I didn’t cheat on you and there is nothing to sort out! Why can’t you just trust me!”

“Then why were you texting him so much then? I looked at your phone bill and it was Kendall’s number for like, 100 rows; and we haven’t had sex in like, weeks.”

You can’t believe you were about to blow your biggest secret to him, the thing you had been planning for months, over nothing. “Fuck James, if you must know, for our 1 year anniversary, I was planning to take you to Bora Bora, and I was texting Kendall to ask if he could speak to the label and get you a few weeks time off, and if you don’t already know, your record producer is an ass, but eventually Kendall got you 2 weeks off. I was planning it, and it was going perfectly until you went snooping through my phone bills, and surprisingly I was refusing you sex because I thought that if I deprived you off it, it would be so much more special when we went away together… You have a live interview in an hour, you need to go” you say, pointing to the door. 

“Babe, I’m sorry…I had no idea”

“You’re gonna be late” you say, lowering the tone of your voice. 

“Goodbye Kiss?” he asks.

“I’ll see you later” you say, crossing your arms and sitting on the couch. James grabs his jacket and slowly makes his way out of the door, revving his engine and driving off.

You take a deep breath and slump back into the couch, confused as to why he got so mad over nothing. Holiday plans= ruined. You grab out your phone and text Kendall:

You: James thinks I’m cheating on you, with him. Just incase he speaks to you today or something…whatever, just letting you know.

You settle your phone down and within seconds you have a reply.

Kendall: Did he yell at you or something? What made him think that?

Kendall was always so understanding. He was the nicest of the 4 guys, and he never took sides in anything. You could always talk to him, and apart from James, you were probably closest to Kendall; Logan could be a self righteous ass when he wanted to be, and Carlos was consumed by his whiney ass girlfriend Samantha Droke.

You: Yeah, he had a huge go at me, and he went through my phone bill, seeing your number for rows about our 2 weeks away. Anyway, I’ll see you on TV in a bit, goodluck xo

Kendall: I’ll speak to him for you. Don’t worry about it, he’ll get over it, he always does xo

That’s the thing about Kendall, he always made you feel so good about everything, and he always looked on the bright side of things. 

You decide to brush of the fact that James was being an Asshole and go run yourself a hot bubble bath. You sit in and turn on the spa settings, pop the TV out of the wall and just relax. You sit in the bath for a good 40 minutes, refilling it with hot water when the heat had eradicated, and when suddenly, the time you had kind of been waiting for had come on.

“Coming up next! Big Time Rush talk Music, Love, Life and give you their tips to success!”

“Don’t ask James his tips on love” you mumble to yourself, “Accuse your girl of cheating with your best friend and get pissed when she denies you sex” you proclaim, imitating James. You watch through the ads, some people selling pillows in the shape of animals, Big Time Rush merchandise and more useless stuff poor parents of 7 year old children are going to get sucked in to buy, and then finally, the moment you had all been waiting for…

“And welcome back! Today in the studio, we have the Boys who set girls’ hearts racing when their first song ‘Big Time’ hit our screens. From being Halfway There to being so good they make us Paralyzed, please welcome Big Time Rush!” The live crowd goes wild as the boys exit onto the stage and take their seats, and after everyone stops clapping, the conversation begins. At first, it’s just a lot about the show, and their music and where they think they’re gonna go from here. After about 20 minutes, the presenter finally asks the boys “Which of you boys is still single?” Kendall raises his hand like he’s proud to say that he’s single, soon followed by a less than happy Logan. The first boy they spoke to about his girlfriend was Carlos. He droned on and on about ‘Sam was the girl for him’ and ‘He had never been happier’ and how ‘She was the girl of his dreams blah blah blah’ and after listening to Carlos whine on about the girl you dislike so much, the person you wanted to hear most from, James. “So James” The interviewer asked, getting quite comfortable, “You’re clearly not single, we see you out and about with your girlfriend all time time- (Y/N) isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s her” he giggles. 

“So, how are things between you two?” The only thing you can think about is how much you don’t want him to bring up the stupid speed bump you two had just encountered.

“Things are great. She’s amazing. I mean, sure we fight, and we have misunderstandings but in the end, I’m in love with her and she means the world to me. Everything about her is perfect and I don’t know what I’d do without her.” 

You drop the loafer into the bath, your mouth gaping wide open. Sure, James had said that he loved you heaps of times, but this time he confessed it on live television.

“You’ve been dating for a while, how long now?”

“It’ll be a year in a few days” he proudly says.

“Do you have anything planned?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see how things plan out”

“Ok boys,” the presenter says, she’s starting to get on your nerves. “Relationship advice. Go.”

“Treat your girl right, or don’t be surprised when another guy comes along and does your job for you” Says Kendall.

“Trust is important- no trust, no relationship. You need to trust your girl when she say’s it’s nothing; and don’t tie her down! No-body likes an overly jealous boyfriend” says James, and suddenly you don’t care that he was being an ass- James Maslow never admitted he was wrong, ever; he was Mr. James ‘I’m-always-right’ Maslow.

Logan and Carlos went on to give their ‘dating advice’ even though your pretty sure Logan’s advice was something along the lines of ‘go with the flow’ or ‘have fun while you’re young.’ You grab out your phone, and even though the interview is just wrapping up and you know James won’t answer his phone, you leave him a message.

“Babe, I understand if you never ever want to talk to me again, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry and that I love you so much, and when you get home…if you come home, maybe I’ll show you” You hang up your phone, wriggle your way out of the bath and head back to bed. You had a dead day, so you thought you ought to make the most of it. You would have made James go for a walk with you, or visit a museum- something to take his mind off the sex; but today he probably won’t come back so you decide to sleep until you decide to wake up.

The sleep takes your mind off everything, you can’t even remember what you were dreaming about it was that good. It was only about 2 hours after you fell asleep, that you felt two strong arms grasp around your waist and a heavy, yet extremely warm and comforting breath on the back of your neck. You stir a bit, shaken even, but that reassuring voice lets you know that everything is OK.

“Baby girl, it’s just me. Go back to sleep, I’ll still be here when you wake up, I’m not going anywhere.”

“James, I’m so sorry…” you go to say, but you’re cut off by James’ lips against yours.

“Baby, we don’t have to talk about it. I should have trusted you when I didn’t, and that’s all. Go back to sleep hun.”

You roll over to face your perfect boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his chest, pulling him close.

“I love you Jamie, and if you don’t want to go away, we’ll just stay here” you mumble into his chest, where the only thing you can hear is his beating heart.

“Are you kidding me? I just got 3 weeks off, and I’m gonna spend every second of them, with you, in Bora Bora; lying in the sun, swimming, canoeing, kayaking…”

“And having wild sex” you whisper into his half open mouth. He lets out a small giggle and nods.

“Can’t wait”

You board your first class flight to Bora Bora, settling down next James who looks as sexy as ever in his white tee, covered by a red check shirt, cuffed chino’s and his vans- you taught him well.

The flight seemed to drag on forever, and you and James didn’t talk much- he was too busy listening to music and watching movies while you hit the books and magazines, but once you step off that plane and the heat hits you literally like a ton of bricks, you know your vacation has officially started. You step off the plane, and unlike you organised, there is a man with a sign saying ‘Mr.Maslow’, standing next to a limo.

“James…I didn’t organise this…”

“That’s right babe, I did”

You shake your head and giggle at him, knowing that this is exactly what James does. You hop into the limo and surprisingly your bags are already in the trunk, and the limo drives you off out to the pier where you’re going to hop on a boat and go to your own Private Island.

“Ok, so I haven’t seen where we are going, but I heard you say ‘Private Island’ somewhere didn’t I?” he says, exiting the limo and taking your hand.

“Yes James.”

“So we can be as loud as we want…and no-body will hear?”

“Except for the fish”

“I love you” he says. You arrive at the end of the pier and James is the first to jump on the nose of the boat, throwing your entire luggage the Island Native, before helping you on and taking a seat at the back. James slinks his arms around your bare shoulders for the 3 minutes it takes to get to your private Island; the only other people on it is this man driving the boat and his wife, but they live on the smaller island surrounding it- so technically your still alone.

“We’re here” you say as the boat pulls up to the dock.

“Please tell me I’m not dreaming…this is amazing!” he says. You had gotten the idea when you watched the Kardashian’s with James- that show was his guilty pleasure- and you decided to book the island for 2 weeks. “Babe, this is beautiful!” and for a second while the driver is carrying your luggage to your room, you stare out at the crystal blue waters, you can see nothing but turquoise for miles upon miles.

“Let’s go” you say, leading him to your beach hut. You walk in and there’s softly scented rose petals lining the vibrantly white bed sheets. In the lounge/dining area, there’s a TV, but no reception, so you can only watch movies, which doesn’t sound too bad to you- so if you wanted to catch up with the news, you had to head back to the main island. Your fridge is stocked, the pool is bubbling and there’s nothing that could make it more perfect.

“Here are your keys, and if you need a quick trip to the main island, dial 1235 on the phone and we will come right over- please enjoy your stay” The man says to you, exiting your hut and jumping back in his boat.

“So, we’re finally alone” you say as James begins to strip down to his underwear.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going in the ocean…Care to join?” he winks at you. You run over to your suitcase and grab out your bikini’s-  a black halter with matching black frilly bottoms- simple yet effective- and you get dressed as quick as you can, even though by the time you reach outside James is already in the water. He notices you and wipes the water out of his eyes.

“Babe, your beautiful” he says, as you lower yourself to sit on the edge of the balcony leading out into the ocean.

“You’re my boyfriend, that’s your job to say that” you say, giggling back.

“Trust me when I say you’re beautiful”

You feel yourself lightly blush, and before you can get any redder, you stand up and jump off into the water, landing a metre or two away from James. The warm, yet cool water feels so refreshing against your body, and you’re sure it’s really good for your skin too.

James swims over to you, grabbing your legs and throwing them around his waist, planting his lips against yours as his tongue gains entrance into your mouth, swirling around filling every gap like it hasn’t in so long.

“So sweet, baby” he moans into your mouth and you almost want to laugh at how cheesy his remark his, but your giggle comes out as a moan, sending James the wrong impression, yet turning you on so much. His hand moves to your lower region, pushing aside your bikini bottoms and his thumb rubbing your clit, moving so smoothly across the bud, yet sending indescribable feelings throughout your body. Suddenly, his finger slips inside you, making you shudder a bit. “Still so tight baby” he mutters back to you. His finger slowly pumps in and out of you, teasing you as he almost hits your sweet spot every time before he jams in a second finger, pumping harder and faster and hitting the spot, making you scream out.

“Ngh! James!” you scream

“That’s it baby, scream my name”

You hadn’t done this in so long, and it really did feel special. Usually you wouldn’t yell, or scream during sex-or foreplay-, but it’s been a while and no-one was around.

“James! Oh my shit James!” you scream.

“Yeah that’s it baby, I feel your close.” He says, and he was right- you were so close beyond belief. James could always tell when you were close to climax point. You cocked your head back and you got so tight it was insane; and after a few more pumps, you arrived, puffing and panting on James’ neck, resting your head on his shoulder, he kept pumping, milking more out of you until you just couldn’t take it anymore. Your fast, tired puffs of breath turned into slow, exhausted ones on the boys skin.

“Fuck me!” you say.

“You don’t have to ask twice” he laughs. He puts you on his back and swims you back to your hut, pulling you out of the water and leading you inside and grabbing 2 towels. You both make out, drying each other off as you do so until your both pretty much water free. James leads you into the bedroom, admiring the vibrantly white sheets.

“This bed is so pretty…oh well!” he says, picking you up and throwing you down, taking off his board shorts revealing his huge manhood.

“Shit James Maslow- for a Jewish boy, your pretty huge. Were you always this big?” you ask him.

“No, surprisingly not having sex increases penis size, whod’ve known?” he laughs. He moves his face down to yours, starting at your forehead, planting kisses every few centimetres. He slowly takes off your bikini top, undoing the strings so painfully slowly it’s driving you crazy- but you know it’ll be worth it. His mouth moves lower, kissing across your hip bones, pulling down your bottoms, kissing right above the place you want it most, his tongue teasing you as well as his fingers. His digits slowly circle the outside of your drenched vagina, toying at the folds before you feel as though you’re about to explode.

“James, please don’t tease me!”

His reply is a throaty giggle right on your clit, sending vibrations to all the right places. He crawls up so he’s directly over you, his warm breath right over your face.

“You ready for me to fuck your brains out baby?” he whispers, nibbling on your ear lobe after he does so. You run your hands up his defined stomach over his abs- you know that drives you both crazy.

“I am so ready”

James positions himself right over you, tapping his penis against your entrance, toying with you, trying to get you ready, and before you can relax, James forces himself into you, causing you literally to scream.

“Fuck! Jamie!” you scream, “So good! More, please Jamie” His thrusts become slower and softer, kind of the opposite of what you were hoping, but the slow bangs are prolonging the pleasure, milking it out of you like he’s never done before. You glide your hands up his chest and form a death grip on his shoulders, your knuckles turning white. His slow paces quickly turn into fast pumps, his balls literally slapping against your ass.

“Oh shit baby, your still so tight! How can you still be so tight? I always fuck you so hard”

Sometimes you wandered how James thought you were so tight- his penis was huge and every time you both had sex, it was usually rough, yet romantic at the same time- you were sure it could’ve made you a little looser…but obviously not.

Soon enough you grow tired of James’ unusual rhythms, he’s deliberately doing it to tease you. You grab a hold of his shoulder and flip him over.

“Woah, baby! Sneaky or?”

“I need to cum James. You wanna play the ‘let’s tease (Y/N) game?’ well, let’s play the ‘let’s tease James game’”

James grins at you, biting his lower lip as you slip back onto his penis. The heat has caused you both to break out into a little bit of a sweat, and James’ hair is stuck to his forehead. You glide your hand up him and wipe the locks. He grabs your hands as they make their way back down, kissing the upper side and pushing them against your breasts before letting go and grabbing your hips. “Show me what you got, baby”

You slowly bounce up and down on his shaft and his face immediately changes expressions. His eyes have closed and he’s licking his bottom lip, signalling that he likes what you’re doing, and you let him have his way for a bit; that is until you hop off.

“Baby, no. I’m sorry for teasing you and I’m so close!” he sobs.

“You’ll cum” you say, lowering your head to his raging cock, subordinating your mouth over the tip, flicking your tongue across the pool of pre-cum sitting stagnant on the end. James jerks his hips forward; bucking his penis down your throat unintentionally and making you gag a bit, making his penis twitch and grow an inch. You pull your mouth off and James sighs out in pain.

“Ok, this teasing game is over! Fuck, we’re both so close. Just fuck me baby; show me what I was missing out on!”

You get back on his wood, slamming yourself down on him, leaning back on his hirsute legs as his hands grip your thighs.

“Yeah baby, so fucking close. You’re so…fucking good” he moans out, bucking himself up into you as you slam down onto him, hitting your spot every time.

“Fuck, Jamie I’m so close!” you cry out, inclining your head back, yelling to the ceiling fan.

“Baby, I can feel you, a few more seconds’ baby, push it; give it everything”

You lean forward, groping onto his pecks, gaining balance so you can, literally, give it everything. After a few hard slams, loud moans and cursing, you feel it coming.

“Fuck Jamie!” you moan out, coming just before James does.

“Baby, I’m coming….fuck!” he moans out, exploding inside of you; the warm white liquid coating your interior, dripping down your thighs and onto the once-clean white sheets.

You collapse forward onto James, your breathing pattern irregular onto his skin. After regaining his strength, his arms curl around you as your head rests gently on his chest.

“That was amazing baby girl, oh my god” he sighs out, rubbing your shoulders. “It’s like all my Hanukah’s come at once”

“And it’s only 3pm” you giggle.

“How about we go for another swim, I mean we can cool off, have some fun, check out the fishes” he suggests.

“I love you James Maslow”

“I love you more”

 The rest of the day is mostly chilled; you two go snorkelling, grab out the Kayak and head for a paddle and it is the most romantic day you’ve ever spent with him- and there’s 2 more weeks! 

The sun is close to setting and the skin of both of you is insanely wrinkled, so you decide to hop out of the turquoise blue ocean water and share a hot shower.

“Babe, we’re going out for dinner” he says, soaping his body down with frangipani scented body wash.

“And you organised this when?” you laugh, rinsing the salty sea water out of your hair.

“After I had the best sex of my life” he laughs back, “Oh, and dress nice”

Luckily you had packed a few nice dresses, but you deem the black short strapless most appropriate and you match it with a diamond necklace James bought for you and a pair of black beaded flats- it’s still pretty humid outside so you decide not to throw on a jacket. You take the longest to get ready, even though you just pull your hair up into a messy bun and you still look classy, and you haven’t put on a drop of make-up. You walk out of the bathroom to find James sitting on the couch looking through movies, donning his chinos, his vans, a white t-shirt and this time, a light blue cotton shirt.

“I hate how you are so sexy” you say. His head snaps up and his mouth gapes wide open.

“You…You look gorgeous. You look amazing” he says, standing up and twirling you around, then grabbing you around your waist.

“Well you don’t wash up to bad yourself” you laugh back.

James gives you a small kiss and then leads you down the path over the water leading you to the main island- you could have taken a boat, but it was only about a 300 metre walk. You stride down, hand in hand down the wooden pathway, making small talk before you finally reach the main island and surprisingly it’s a little busy. A few fans walk up to James, asking for photos and autographs and you don’t really mind because you make small talk with the fans’ parents. They all comment on how beautiful you look, and how lucky James is- they’re just being nice.

Finally James finishes talking to his fans and you walk off to the restaurant. As you get closer, you see that it’s beautifully set up- fairy lights strewn across the walls, candles and rose petals on every table and the natives dancing in Hula Skirts and playing music softly in the background.

“Table for 2 under Maslow?” James asks.

“Oh yes Mr. Maslow, walk this way please” the waiter leads you around the back out onto the decking area. It’s all closed off as if James has booked out the area for the night. You walk out and tea-light candles are lit, lining the decking, tea light candles hang off the roofing above you and you have the most perfect view of the ocean, and there’s a banquet of gorgeous looking food in front of you.

“Thank you sir” James says.

“Thank you” you say. “James, this looks amazing. You planned this?”

“You mean everything to me, and you are my princess. After our fight, it made me realise how much I don’t want to lose you because if I don’t have you…I don’t know what I have. You’re my everything” James says, gently stroking the side of your face with the back of his palm.

“James, everyday you make me love you even more, you know that?” you say, looking into his beautiful hazel eyes. “You are amazing. I love you”

“I love you too” he replies, kissing the top of your head. “Now, this food looks amazing so I say we dig in”

He was right, the food looked delicious! Plates of seafood, and meat and antipasto platters pile the small table. James decides to hand feed you for the first part of the night, just as you to do him; laughing away as though you haven’t seen in other in forever and its…nice.

The 2nd part of the night, you don’t do much eating, more making out with each other, feeling each other up and acting in ways you know you shouldn’t out in public. The sun sets over the turquoise blue waters, and after about an hour and a half, you’ve eaten your weight in seafood, but worked it off by playing tonsil hockey.

James, like the gentleman he is, refuses to let you pay the bill and he’s totally fine with it as he tends to act like money is no big thing. You both exit the restaurant and James has the idea for you both to take a moonlit stroll along the beach.

“I love you, you know that?” he says, interlacing his fingers between yours, his shoes on the tips of his fingers in his other hand.

“I love you too, Jamie, you know that” you reply, twirling your beaded sandals lightly in your other hand.

“I just hope you realise it- we’re gonna have more fights, and I’m gonna storm out, and you’re gonna storm out and there are days where we’re not gonna want to be around each other. There are times when I’m around other girls, and you’ll be around other guys and we’re both going to be insanely jealous, but you need to remember, you have my heart”

You get on your tippy toes, dropping your shoes on the soft, white sand and wrap your arms around his neck. “You are incredible” you reply, kissing at the soft pink flesh that is his lips; it’s one of those soft kisses that just linger, and you stand there at 11pm at night, kissing the world’s most perfect boyfriend by a moonlit beach in Bora Bora.

James leans back, letting you go and fumbling for his pocket, before grabbing out a turquoise greeny blue Tiffany & Co. Bag.

“Uh, James…” you say, kind of puzzled as to what he’s doing.

“It’s not what you think” he giggles. “I love you, and I have no intention of loving another woman ever- I want to keep you eternally, forever.” He gingerly pulls whatever it is out of the bag and places it between his thumb and his index finger, and gently slips it on to the middle finger of your left hand. You lift up your hand and try to get a better view of the ring, but all you get is a glint of moonlight, shimmering off what seems to be rows of diamonds. James grabs his phone out of his pocket and shines the light onto the ring; it’s a silver ring, with an infinity sign on the top, encrusted with diamonds and it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life. Your eyes begin to well up with tears, but James gently wipes them away.

“Do you like it baby?” he asks you, his thumb wiping the tears from under your eyes.

“Like it? Baby I love it” you giggle, trying to hide the fact that you’re crying. “It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. I love it.”

He pulls you back into his arms, holding you close to his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders. “We ready to head back?”

“Let’s go”

You arrive back at your hut, and surprisingly someone has come in and cleaned everything up- the sheets are all nicely pushed back and Rose petals once again lay upon the white sheets and the room is lightly scented.

“You tired baby?” James asks, taking of his pants and throwing on a pair of cotton boxer shorts.

“A little bit” you reply, “James, mind helping me undo my dress zipper?”

“Sure babe” he says, walking over completely shirtless. James’ fingers run over the nape of your neck, slowly gliding down your back sending shivers down your spine. He moves his head down and plants kisses along your lower neck, leading down your back before finally he un-zips you, revealing your black strapless bra and matching underwear. Still standing behind you, he moves his hands around your waist, leaning his head down to your neck. “No sex babe, I just want to see you” he says, leading you back to the bed. You remove your bra and throw on James’ white t-shirt and snuggle up in the covers next to him.

“And we have 2 more weeks of this” 

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